Here’s your weekly curiosity experiment:

The past week seems to have held upheavals for many of those close to me: deaths, births, moving to new homes, conflicts in the workplace, health scares, and the like.

In times like these, we often find ourselves saying we feel “like the ground has been swept from under our feet” or “like we’re in free fall” – analogies that hint at the remedy we seek. When we’re in transition, we crave grounding. 

In a session with health coach Ali Shapiro, she told me that many of us eat when we aren’t hungry as a shortcut to grounding ourselves. This week’s curiosity is a tip of the hat to Ali, whose wise advice reminded me where to turn when the waters got rough this week:

What grounds you?

What nourishes you?

How will you remember to ground and nourish yourself when the earth beneath your feet feels shaky?