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Here’s your weekly curiosity experiment:

One of the best shows I’ve seen in the past year is Gender Failurea collaboration between storyteller Ivan E. Coyote and musician Rae Spoon that documents – with painful clarity, warmth, and humour – the artists’ experiences living outside easy gender definitions of “male” and “female,” “man” and “woman.” Both have opted out of one of society’s most basic ways of labelling people: they don’t check either box on a standard-issue sex/gender form field.

The show was both profoundly thought-provoking and wildly liberating. It wasn’t the first time I’ve considered the implications of disrupting the gender binary, but I did leave feeling more committed than ever to helping make a world where no one feels constrained by social pressure to identify as only one thing – or to be limited to an either/or question (or even a multiple-choice one) when an open field would be a better option.

While your gender may well fit (more or less) easily into a standard category, I believe all of us are “failures” in at least one of society’s binaries. And that the world would be a kinder place if we all copped to these failures – and made room for others’.

  • Which of society’s either/or boxes feels too constraining for you?
  • How would it feel to opt out (or to declare your failure to comply) of those boxes?
  • What would make it possible for you to pursue a third way?