Yesterday I spoke with an old friend who is launching a new business. She asked my advice on several aspects of entrepreneurship, but we both realized early on that the real questions she needed answers to were universal ones:

Am I crazy? (Nope.)

Is it normal to be this scared? (Uh-huh.)

Do you really think I should follow my heart? (Unequivocally, yes.)

So much of the time, when we turn to others by or input, but were really looking for is affirmation that we’re not alone; encouragement to stay on our path; and connection with someone who gets it.

Here’s your curiosity experiment for this week:

If someone asks you for advice, consider the possibility they’re really looking for affirmation, encouragement and/or connection.

And give yourself permission to need these same qualities in your friends and allies.

They’re some of the most important things we can give one another.