I got so excited about launching my new website that I forgot to tell you all about a new (and free) resource I created. (How embarrassing to be late to one’s own party!)

It’s a workbook called “Essential Questions for Purposeful Projects,” and it collects all my favourite questions to ask when I’m planning any creative project. Since I launched it I’ve heard from people who are using it for reworking a book manuscript, redesigning their websites, and thinking through a new product offering.

Nothing makes me more giddy than hearing that something I made is helping people create the stuff they want to create, more easily and effectively. It’s the best feeling I know.

So, if you have an idea you want to bring to fruition; a collaboration that’s not quite soaring the way you know it could; a project that needs a dash of special sauce to take it from “just OK” to “Oh yeah!” – I invite you to download Essential Questions for Purposeful Projects. I’ll send it straight to your inbox when you sign up for my email newsletter. (You’re welcome to unsubscribe later, of course – though I hope you’ll find you want to stick around.)

And of course, you’re free to share the questions inside with your team, your clients – anyone with whom you want to collaborate to create something remarkable. I think you’ll find that when you take the time to consider these questions, some major elements will click into place – and infuse the rest of your project plan with clarity and purpose.

Get the workbook now.