I recently launched two new courses on Lynda.com – both geared to web designers wanting to create a portfolio that not only looks fabulous, but gets results.

Your portfolio can make the difference between landing a client (or a job) and getting passed over – so it’s worth sweating the details. As a veteran web designer and former design studio head, I’ve reviewed more than a few portfolios and have seen what works, from both the perspective of landing a job (i.e. impressing a prospective employer) and landing clients.

Of course, there are differences between those two goals, so you can choose the course that’s most relevant to your goals:

Of course, I’ve also seen what doesn’t work, so I talk about how to avoid common pitfalls (hint: unless your target audience is psychic, the work never speaks for itself), as well as the five essential components of a successful portfolio. By the end of each course, you’ll be well on your way to thinking like your target audience, selecting the right mix of projects, standing out from the crowd, and most importantly, landing the design jobs you really want.

These are short & sweet courses – each is about an hour long – and you can preview the content over at Lynda.com by following the links above. Subscriptions to access the full courses are just $25/month, and get you access to their entire – and excellent – course catalogue.