I’ve had trouble lately focusing on inner work. The outer work of life has been overwhelming.

I moved into a new home.

Work is busy.

I’m seven months pregnant and the “before the baby comes” to-do list seems endlessly long and overwhelming – and “after the baby comes” feels like a time that sits beyond an impenetrably thick fog bank.

Nonetheless, it is in brief moments of calm and breath that I find my focus. Count to ten. Ask my higher self for guidance. Just breathe. The next step usually emerges before me, just in time.

I’ve been sacrificing my morning breathing & writing sessions in favour of “productivity,” an old habit that’s hard to shake. Rather than beating myself up for missing a month of writing, I’m trying to shake it off, and use the meditator’s technique of letting the judgment come up, acknowledging it, and letting it go. Observing it drop away as I focus on the fact that I’m writing now. And now. And now.

And breathing.

I’ll try again tomorrow.