There’s a woman I want you to know about.


This is Chela. Pretty lovely looking, right? She’s also very, very funny. Photo by Catherine Just

Her name is Chela Davison. She and I have a few things in common.

We’re both entrepreneurs. She started her first business, a hair salon, in 2000. I started my first business, a web design studio, the same year. (We both describe the people part of our entrepreneurial experiences – our clients and staff – as our favourite part.)

We both live and work in Vancouver. We share a few friends – and a Venn diagram of interests that includes philosophy, social change, and earthy-and-occasionally-bawdy humour. (When I meet someone with that particular combination, I instantly recognize them as My People. You know who you are.)

She’s also a brilliant, brilliant coach. I know this because she’s coached some of the smartest, most kick-ass people I know and each one of them has told me she has lovingly kicked their ass, reconnected them to compassion, and challenged their thinking in the most invigorating ways possible.

Chela has a new program starting mid-January, for seekers, leaders and change-makers. If that sounds like you, read on – you’re gonna want to hear about this.

Be-Cause-Affiliate-BadgeBe Cause is a group coaching program. It’s 12 weeks long, and it’s designed to support people who want to do their best work in the world – whether that’s through a business, a project, a cause, or an idea that you’re fleshing out. What I particularly love about Chela’s approach is that she comes from an integral perspective, meaning she gives equal attention to the inner and the outer. If you come to her with a problem that seems external in nature, she’s likely to point you to the places within you that need attending to – but here’s the trick: she does that without ever acting like everything in the outer world is just a projection of your inner state, or like external factors don’t exist.

And if you wander into navel-gazing territory, she’ll bring you right back to earth.

Inner. Outer. Chela doesn’t neglect one in favour of the other. And she won’t let you slip into neglect, either.

As I said, Be Cause is a group coaching program, but the groups are small – a maximum of 9 people. You’ll meet virtually, by video conference. It’s intimate and facilitates real connection. The cost is $1000, which is a total bargain as working one-on-one with Chela starts at $1200 a month.

If you want a to get a sense of Chela, check out the video below, which should give you a better idea of whether this is for you. I love her mix of intelligence and warmth, depth and realness.

I’m going on a 4-month hiatus mid-January to focus on my family, and when Chela told me she was opening the doors to Be Cause at exactly that time, it felt like kismet. She’s an amazing coach, and with all that she and I share in common, I know many of you will dig her work. So if Be Cause calls to you, check it out. It could be just the thing to move you forward along your path, in alignment with your values and what lights you up.

I’m proud to be an affiliate for Be Cause; that means that if you sign up for the course using the links above, I’ll receive a portion of the tuition fee as a thank you for spreading the word. Those of you who’ve read my stuff for a while know that I don’t do the affiliate thing often. I only do it when it feels totally aligned with my values and when I believe an offering has real value for the people who read my stuff. I know some people are not fans of the affiliate marketing thing, so if you’d prefer to use a non-affiliate link, here you go. I’m not in the business of making anyone feel icky. But I do believe strongly in win-wins, and I love supporting the work of people I love. So if you enjoy my work, and Be Cause feels like a fit for you, using my affiliate link is a lovely way to support my work. Thanks.

Photo credit: Sylwia Bartyzel, via Unsplash