Essential Questions for Purposeful Projects

Essential Questions for Purposeful Projects

My Essential Questions workbook is available in two formats:

  • The PDF version is much prettier, and works well on computer screens or tablets, such as iPads. (It’s also print-friendly.)
  • The ePub version is perfect for reading on the go, on your smart phone or e-reader (Nook, Kobo, and the like).

Both editions are totally free, no strings attached. Feel free to share as you see fit, with attribution — just don’t charge anyone for it, please.

N.B. If you have a Kindle, you’ll need to download the PDF version, as Kindle does not support ePub.

Enjoy! (And if you like the workbook, you might also enjoy my e-book, Curious for a Living. It’s a guide for creative professionals who want to shift their client relationships to be more purposeful, fulfilling, and just plain better.)