While learning to build a website has never been more accessible to more people, building a career in web design is a different matter altogether. There are so many different paths available that it can be overwhelming to try and figure out where to start.

I’m not a fan of overwhelm. And I like to encourage people – especially people who think they might be interested in something and are curious to learn more. So I’ve made something that I hope reduces overwhelm and encourages people.

Having built my own career as a front-end coder and designer from humble, self-taught beginnings through to running my own studio (and managing a team of coders & designers), I’ve been asked for insights and advice from many people who’ve been attracted to the industry – and I have a few opinions on how to break in and find your niche. So in partnership with Lynda.com, I’ve put together a short, 24-minute Q&A-type course that captures everything I know about pursuing a career as a web designer. It’s called “Creative Insights: Lauren Bacon on Web Design,” and in it I share my thoughts on getting started, possible career paths, navigating career transitions, and more. You’ll learn what it takes to thrive in the industry, the kinds of roles that are available, and why I don’t put much stock in certification and degrees.

If you’ve ever wondered about a career in web design – or know someone who is considering it – I hope you’ll have a look, and/or share the link with those who might find it helpful.

Here’s a free clip, of me talking about why certification and credentials aren’t my idea of the path to success. (Nearly half the course is available at no charge – the rest can be viewed by purchasing a membership to Lynda.com’s library, which gets you access to thousands of courses, from hands-on software training to productivity and leadership courses. Membership starts at $25/month.)