The naysayer.
The social media addict.
The procrastinator.
The maximizer.
The perfectionist.
The people pleaser.

I have a lot of demons, gremlins, shadow selves – whatever you want to call them – that show up on the regular. And while I enjoy a good debate with my demons, I’ve also been experimenting recently with a less confrontational approach. When I have my wits about me, I’ll turn to whichever one has shown up, and ask them what they want.

The social media addict craves connection, recognition, validation.

The maximizer wants impact, imagination, joy.

The perfectionist wants safety, security, and to feel worthy.

When we recognize the underlying needs, the demon shape-shifts into an unmet need.

Here’s this week’s curiosity experiment:

  • What shadows (or demons, or gremlins) want to be embraced?
  • What do they want – and how might you meet those needs?
  • What changes when you see them with compassion?

Photo credit: Vek Labs on Unsplash.)