I’ve been putting together an instalment of my Web Career Clinic wherein I discuss – in very broad brushstrokes – how to make your tech team more diverse and inclusive, and in it I share a few of my go-to resources on the subject. This is a huge topic, but if you have limited time and want a short reading list to get you started, here are the first four places I suggest you go:

10 Actionable Ways To Actually Increase Diversity In Tech

This round-up of practical recommendations comes from a researcher at the National Center for Women & Information Technology.

How Etsy Truly Prioritizes Diversity: An Inside Look Into Company Culture

Insightful article on a company that has made significant progress on improving both diversity and inclusion, particularly on its engineering team. I always feel it’s helpful to read about concrete steps taken by real-life organizations.

Project Include

Aimed especially at CEOs and managers of early to mid-stage tech startups, but many of the recommendations apply to other kinds of teams. Warning: this is an extensive project, with a ton of excellent insights, but can be overwhelming if you don’t pace yourself. 

Iris Bohnet: What Works: Gender Equality By Design

This book by a Harvard behavioral psychologist (Harvard UP | Amazon | Powells) is specific to gender diversity, but is a fantastic guide to concrete examples of organizations and projects that have successfully improved diversity and equality. Of note: according to research by Bohnet and her colleagues, while diversity training is not very effective, concrete process changes like blind application processes can make a huge difference to who gets hired and promoted. Also recommended: this video of Bohnet from Google’s speaker series.