Curious for a Living

How to Ask Better Questions & Become Indispensable
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What’s Inside:

  • How to avoid being labeled a “builder of stuff” and become an indispensable advisor and co-creator
  • 5 universal drives that inspire creative work
  • The business case for curiosity
  • 13 questions to move you into clarity, impact, and success
  • How to work with wrong answers (’cause you’ll still get them, sometimes)

Your most meaningful work comes from asking the right questions. Here’s your practical guide to doing just that, and building more satisfying–and lucrative–relationships with your clients and collaborators.

Have you ever wondered why some of your projects sing, while others are just… meh? Me too. I’ve wrestled with this mystery a lot. Is it the people involved? The perfect budget-timeline balance? Some celestial alignment of planets (or lack thereof)?

Maybe. But I think there’s something more important that’s often overlooked.

The most critical success factor for any creative project is curiosity… 

…that is, asking the right questions along the way, and creating a collaborative space that invites genuine inquiry. This is true whether you’re working on a business, consulting gig, new product, piece of marketing collateral, software application, or research report. The deliverable could be anything you like; the most important questions are the same.

When you get deeply curious – about the people you’re working with, and about the project at hand – you move beyond the surface of things, towards the heart: the heart of purpose, connection, and what matters most. 

And when you take your work to that level, you build better solutions and stronger relationships – two things your business needs to thrive.

“Lauren’s book is a brilliant and refreshing look into the inner workings of creative projects. This forces us to re-evaluate not just how we interact with our clients, but the deeper, underlying reasons for why those relationships are the way that they are, and how to change them for the better. The book expertly deals with the issues that all freelancers have regarding being treated more like a trusted advisor/collaborator than a yes-person doing a client’s bidding. The best question you can ask yourself is why you haven’t already downloaded and read this book.”
Paul Jarvis, author of Everything I Know and gentleman of adventure.

I want you to have more projects that sing (and fewer “just okay” ones).

This short e-book is split into two sections:

  • A brief essay on how asking better questions totally transforms the value you bring to your clients and projects (which helps you become indispensable and able to charge more); and
  • The 13 questions I consider essential to ask on any project: go ahead, I want you to steal them.
  • Plus, I share some tips on what to do when you get terrible answers to your excellent questions.

If you want to stop feeling like you’re taking orders from your customers, and become a trusted advisor and co-creator – or you just want your next creative project to soar – you’ll find guidance in these pages.

“Thank you, Lauren! I had a preliminary meeting with a potential client – closed the deal in one sitting and made a new friend with your questions.”
Carmen Spagnola

Sacred Made Simple

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More love from readers

Readers are telling me this book has already revolutionized how they’re doing business. Here are a few reviews:

“The principles of “Curious for  a Living” can help you break through the order-taker consultant barrier and unleash deeper client relationships and more successful projects. The book makes a case for asking important questions and then provides very practical how to’s that you can immediately apply to your work.”

“A short, sweet, to-the-point guide to doing more meaningful work and building more satisfying relationships with your clients by asking the right questions and continually digging deeper.”

“A 13,000 word compass for better and more powerful conversations.”