Here’s your weekly curiosity experiment:

Since becoming a solopreneur, I’ve experimented with several ways of assembling smart people with shared values to strategize about my business. At first, I mostly relied on my wise and wonderful partner, David. Later, I paired up with another entrepreneur for weekly check-ins, to discuss and clarify our long-term and immediate priorities. And as of a few weeks ago, I’ve joined a group of inspiring women – we call it the “dream team,” ’cause “mastermind” isn’t quite the right word for us – for a biweekly jam session.

There are others I count among my closest, most treasured allies – friends and colleagues, coaches and healers, family members. Together, they form a powerful circle that I call on for perspective, support, and energetic focus. And I’m more conscious than ever before how true it is that “solo entrepreneurship” is, as Tara Gentile says, a myth. We don’t do this alone; we just collaborate differently.

Who is on your dream team of loyal allies?
What do they bring you?
How would you love to collaborate with them?