Here’s your weekly curiosity experiment:

My friend Mike Beltzner has a wonderful way of observing birthdays: He tweets out a brief ode to the birthday person that acts as an evocative thumbnail sketch and celebration, all in 140 characters or less. For example:

“It is @herhighnessness day! Proper observance is to take the time to chat with someone, and help them see clarity & better know themselves.” (24 Sep 2013)

“Right. @shaver day. A hard one to observe: Be brave. Be challenging. Cross the line & be ready to walk it back. Push everyone to be ‘more’.” (17 Feb 2014)

(Here are a few more for your enjoyment.)

I celebrated my birthday last week, and got a shout-out from Mike on Twitter that made me feel not only celebrated, but seen. Isn’t that one of the most profound gifts we can give one another – the gift of truly witnessing who we are at our best? It certainly inspires me to do more of that stuff and less of the rest.

When was the last time you felt truly seen?

What qualities were mirrored back to you?

How can you generously and kindly bear witness to others’ gifts this week?