Here’s your weekly curiosity experiment:

This week, I had the experience of drawing on parts of my past experience that I never imagined would find applications in my current profession. All of a sudden, years of musical performances as a child and young adult became relevant; my years of web design and entrepreneurship: and times when I had volunteered to speak to groups of students – all of these proved to be essential training for what I was being called to do.

The funny thing is, every time that I have shifted focus in my life, I have thought, at least once: “That was a waste of time and energy.” Not entirely, I knew that some of the skills I had developed would come in handy one day. But I had never imagined just how relevant some supposedly niche skills would turn out to be.

Nilofer Merchant calls this your “onlyness“: The unique combination of skills, personality, and experiences that make you you – and qualify you to make your personal contribution to the whole.

What paths have you explored, but not taken?

What might people be surprised to learn that you know how to do?

What are 5 possible applications of those hidden skills in your current incarnation?