Here’s your weekly curiosity experiment:

I recently downloaded an extension for the Chrome web browser (called Momentum) that replaces the default “new tab” screen with a beautiful photo and a reminder of your #1 priority for the day. It’s a great tool for me, because it gives me a gentle nudge each time I open a new tab – which I’ll admit is frequently to check Facebook or Twitter – to consider whether the action I’m about to take brings me closer or further away from my top priority.

As someone who enjoys a varied life, both professionally and otherwise, I love discovering better ways to get focused and stay that way. This goes beyond “productivity hacks” and into major life stuff, because I always feel best when I know I’m keeping my eye on the big picture.

How do you set priorities for your day?
How do you keep track of them over the course of your day?
Where do you get sidetracked and distracted from your priorities?

If you’re inclined to share your responses (there’s no pressure to do that, by the way) you can do that on my Facebook page or via Twitter (I’m@laurenbacon).