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Book cover for Curious for a Living, by Lauren Bacon

Curious for a Living

“Expertly deals with the issues that all freelancers have regarding being treated more like a trusted advisor/collaborator than a yes-person doing a client’s bidding.”
Paul Jarvis, author of Everything I Know and gentleman of adventure.

The Boss of You cover image

The Boss of You

“Finally, a book that speaks to the new generation of indie business owners! The Boss of You is jam-packed with must-know answers to every new entrepreneur’s hot, burning questions… in a voice that feels like its coming from a trusted close friend.”
– Vickie Howell, Designer, Crafty Author & TV Host

I’ve published two books about business and creative entrepreneurship.

My first book, The Boss of You: Everything a Woman Needs to Know to Start, Run, and Maintain Her Own Businessis a smart and friendly guide to entrepreneurship for independent-minded women. It’s intended as a counterpoint to both the “dude on a yacht” books that threaten to make the business section of your bookstore feel like an exclusive party for high-rollin’ white guys, and the “high heels and briefcases” genre that counsel you to avoid ordering spaghetti during a power lunch.

In fact, The Boss of You offers no advice on either eating to impress or becoming the CEO of a multinational corporation. It’s more of a “start your own company because you want to do something meaningful and make a good living doing it” kind of business book.

More recently, I self-published Curious for a Living: How to Ask Better Questions and Become IndispensableIt’s part manifesto, part how-to, with an aim to help you strengthen your client relationships, become more profitable, and do more satisfying work, all through the power of inquiry.